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The Micron Employee PAC is one of the most effective ways to educate policymakers on the issues most important to our business interests and values.
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A contribution to Micron Employee PAC is an investment in the future of our company. Your voluntary contribution allows us to support candidates for elected office who will advocate for policies that enhance Micron’s ability to innovate and fight for the best outcomes in memory and storage advancements. By combining your contribution with contributions from other Micron team members, you help Micron Employee PAC maximize its impact. 

 PACMatch Program

Learn more about our PACMatch Program. Participate in the political process and support community causes you care about with one investment!

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How We Compare

Find out the impact Micron Employee PAC makes and how it stacks up against similar companies in our industry.

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Explore the Micron Employee PAC contribution map to learn about the federal candidates we support — on both sides of the aisle and around the country. 

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