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About Our PAC

One of the most effective ways Micron participates in the political process is by supporting federal candidates through Micron Employee Political Action Committee (Micron Employee PAC). Micron Employee PAC is an independent, bipartisan, voluntary fund created to support candidates who champion the interests, policies and values of Micron and our team members. Micron Employee PAC makes it possible for our team members to have a collective voice on the issues that are important to our business. We can stand together through the PAC to positively impact the success of our company and our shared future. 

Why it Matters

Every day, lawmakers in Congress are making public policy decisions that shape the success of our company and the semiconductor industry. Micron Employee PAC seeks to educate candidates on how these policy decisions impact Micron's ability to grow and prosper. As a key part of our government relations strategy, the Micron Employee PAC is one of the best ways we can advance policies that help us transform how the world uses information to enrich life for all.

Who it's Built for

  • For Micron – Amplifies Micron’s voice on issues that are important to our industry, our business and our stakeholders.
  • For You – Provides opportunities to engage in the political process.
  • For Community – Supports community causes through the “You Give, We Give” PACMatch program.


Frequently Asked Questions

Micron Employee PAC is a resource that empowers team members to participate in the political process in a bipartisan manner. The PAC may accept voluntary contributions from eligible employees to help elect and reelect federal candidates, from both sides of the aisle, who support our priority issues. Micron Employee PAC allows employees to have a unified voice in supporting elected officials dedicated to advancing our industry and promoting innovation. 
Understanding Micron’s issues and values allows policymakers to make informed decisions, and the PAC is our most effective resource to help educate key elected officials. The PAC allows us to strengthen Micron’s position as a leader in the political arena by establishing relationships with members of Congress. 
Federal law limits the scope of individuals eligible to participate in the PAC. Eligible team members must be a U.S. citizen or green card holder and defined as executive and administrative personnel (as that term is defined in federal law) who are paid by salary, rather than on an hourly basis. Additionally, Micron's Board of Directors, shareholders and the spouses of any of the foregoing, are eligible to be solicited. Micron Employee PAC solicits voluntary contributions only from Micron’s eligible team members and will not accept unsolicited contributions from others. Micron Employee PAC does not solicit contractors, external vendors, or shareholders who are not otherwise eligible as exempt employees. 
Under the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA), corporations, like Micron, are barred from using general treasury funds to make direct contributions or expenditures to candidate campaigns for a federal election. However, corporations can form a PAC that allows employees to pool voluntary contributions to make contributions to candidates. Thousands of other companies operated PACs for their employees as permitted by federal election law. Other technology companies with PACs include Dell, Intel, Samsung, Texas Instruments, and Qualcomm. 
Micron Employee PAC is a segregated fund with its own governance separate from Micron. It is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of  a diverse group of Micron PAC members representing Micron's various business divisions. The board is responsible for approving the PAC's budget, including the contributions it makes to candidates.  Micron's PAC Director, along with other members of the U.S. Government Affairs team in Washington, D.C., advise and support the board.
Micron Employee PAC collectively considers the following criteria about a potential recipient when making decisions about political contributions:

1. Micron, its offices or its employees are constituents
2. Represents other relevant geographic interests to Micron
3. Demonstrates knowledge and interest in issues and values important to Micron and its employees
4. Holds a position of leadership relevant to Micron’s interests
5. Holds themselves to a high standard of conduct - demonstrated through personal, political and philosophical matters 

The PAC shall endeavor to achieve, by the end of each two-year federal election cycle, a relatively even distribution of its contributions between candidates of the two major political parties, taking into account the existing partisan make-up of each chamber of Congress, as well as current and anticipated near-term political realities. 

Information about contributions Micron Employee PAC has made can be found here.
In addition to investing in the future our company, benefits include a Micron Employee PAC swag bag, political updates, invitations to onsite lunches with elected officials or special guests, invitations to community or other ticketed events, an annual membership appreciation event, PACMatch and much more. 
The Micron Employee PACMatch program allows PAC members to participate in the political process and support charitable causes with just one donation. With PACMatch, your Micron Employee PAC contributions will be matched with corporate dollars to support the charity of your choice. 

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Micron encourages individual employee participation in the political process. Your contribution to Micron Employee PAC is another opportunity for political engagement and impact. When a PAC contributes to a candidate, it sends a strong, collective message that contributors share the interests of their company, allowing us to have a larger impact. Our voice is stronger together. 
Micron Employee PAC supports and will continue to support a wide variety of candidates, from both political parties, who share the company's values, are receptive to its concerns, and support our success and the success of all our stakeholders. The PAC contributes to candidates in accordance with criteria established by the Board of Directors, and no one criterion controls over any other. We understand given the diversity of interests, viewpoints and the broad membership represented by these candidates and organizations, the positions they take will not always reflect or align with those of Micron and its team members. We do not deem our contribution a public endorsement of a candidate. While PAC supported candidates won’t share our views on every issue, we hope they will have an understanding of our point of view when it comes to issues that impact our industry and will make more informed decisions.
No, under IRS rules individual contributions to PACs are not tax-deductible, nor are any matching charitable funds given through the PACMatch program. 
The Micron Employee PAC can contribute up to $5,000 per federal candidate per election and up to $15,000 to national party committees per calendar year.
You may contribute up to the maximum amount of $5,000 annually.
Micron Employee PAC membership list is not circulated for reasons other than for PAC administration and operation. If you contribute an aggregate amount over $200 during a calendar year, your information will appear on Micron Employee PAC FEC reports.

Meet the Micron Employee PAC Board

Micron Employee PAC Board is the governing body of the Micron Employee PAC. The PAC Board establishes policy, delegates authority, names the Micron Employee PAC treasurer and assistant treasurer, and generally performs the functions of a corporate board of directors. Responsibilities include: 

  • Setting the strategic priorities of the Micron Employee PAC
  • Providing guidance on solicitations
  • Approving an annual PAC budget that is reflective of the Micron Employee PAC contribution criteria

2022-2023 PAC Board Members:

  • Courtney Geduldig, CVP, Public and Government Affairs 
  • David Moore, SVP and Chief Strategy Officer
  • Elizabeth Elroy, Sr. Director, Boise Site Facilities 
  • Fran Dillard, VP, Diversity and Inclusion 
  • John Whitman, CVP, FE Oct & Procurement 
  • Lazaro Gonzales, Director, Fab 6 EHS & Facilities
  • Lisa McHugh, Director, TD Finance 
  • Rob Beard, SVP, General Counsel 
  • Tim Hollis, Fellow - Interface Pathfinding

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