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Participate in the political process and support community causes you care about with one investment!
Double Your Investment 

With PACMatch, Micron will match your PAC contributions, over $250.00 annually, dollar-for-dollar to any eligible non-profit organization that appears in the Benevity platform. A contribution to the Micron Employee PAC gets you involved in the political process and offers another opportunity for you to invest in the community. Through this unique benefit, Micron furthers its commitment to positively impact the communities where we work, live and play. 

This program does NOT affect your regular charitable matching gifts threshold through the Micron Gives team. 
No, participating in PACMatch does not affect your charitable matching threshold in Micron Gives. Team members may participate in each program as they choose. The Micron Employee PACMatch program is a separate program from the Micron Foundation matching gifts program (in which the Micron Foundation makes charitable contributions, not the company). PACMatch is a benefit that allows team members to support the Micron Employee PAC as well as their local communities.
No. All Micron Employee PAC contributions are matched with corporate dollars rather than Micron Employee PAC funds. Micron Employee PAC funds are only used to support candidates, campaigns and committees that support Micron’s interests and values.
Micron Employee PACMatch contributions are allowed to all U.S.-based charitable institutions found in the Micron Gives portal. Per federal regulations, the Federal Election Commission allows Micron to match contributions to any legally designated charitable organization. Micron places specific parameters on the organizations it allows in the Micron Gives portal, in collaboration with our giving partner, Benevity
To redeem your PACMatch, click the link shared with you by email. This link will allow you to view any available PACMatch funds. Choose the amount you would like to contribute and then use the Select Cause search bar to find the causes eligible for your support. You are allowed to select multiple organizations for matching. Once ready to confirm, select Submit PAC Donation.
No. The PACMatch must be designated by the deadline given. 
Once you have submitted your PACMatch in the Micron Gives portal, you cannot change your selected charitable organization(s).
No, these matches are all or nothing. You must submit a donation for the total amount available to you for designation. However, you can choose multiple charitable organizations for your donation.
PACMatch donations are anonymous, no user information will be shared with the charity. The comment section can be used in the event you would like to share your details with the organization.
Yes, unlike other contributions through the Benevity platform all PACMatch contributions are anonymous. No user information will be shared with the charity.
No, PACMatch contributions are not deductible to you or to Micron.
PACMatch gifts will be distributed on an annual basis. You will receive a notification from the Micron Employee PAC when the matching contribution is made.
No, PACMatch donations do not show in your donation history, but you can view them under the View All PAC Matches tab on the PAC Matching page.
PACMatch Program Disclaimer

Micron reserves the right to suspend, limit, change, revoke or terminate this PACMatch program at any time.

All determinations concerning program eligibility criteria or participation are solely within the discretion of the Micron Global Government and Public Affairs team and the Micron Employee PAC Board of Directors.

PACMatch contributions are not eligible for federal income tax deductions. No contributor to the Micron Employee PAC may receive a financial or other tangible benefit from the recipient charities of PACMatch resulting from a PACMatch contribution.

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